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Chiron in the First House Your Wound weakens the Innocent archetype with particular regard to your self-confidence, your sense of self, self-esteem, the consideration of yourself. Chiron in the Second House Your Wound undermines the Orphan archetype, the comfort zone, stability, you lose touch with reality, with money, property you could not have yourself owning something , that may derive from having suffered a lack of nourishment or stability the newborn needs object constancy. That may result from not being heard or understood in the empathic communication with your mother, or for crying a lot with no chance to be understood.

Chiron in the Fourth House Your Wound concerns the Guardian Angel archetype, your relation with your family, with the parental figures. Chiron in the Fifth House Your Wound erodes the Lover archetype, your sense of pleasure along with the pursuit of pleasure and creativity. It concerns your feel of deserving love and being able to give it.

It may come from a lack of recognition, appreciation, devaluation, and censorship. Chiron in the Sixth House Your Wound hampers the Explorer archetype, your touch with reality, your feeling useful, it fuels your feeling inadequate and it might have come from an environment in which there was a lack of order, efficiency, regularity, comfort zone, or from ongoing health problem due to carelessness.

Chiron in the Seventh House Your Primary Wound affects the Creator archetype, particularly relationships, confidence, loyalty, disappointment from the others and it might have come from a sense of loneliness and abandonment. It may cause a compulsive need to be in a relation, love or emotional addiction or difficulties in relations. Chiron in the Eighth House The Wound is linked to the Destroyer archetype preventing his process of transformation, to let go; it may be related to a loss, a death, a gaping hole unresolved.

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Regarding sexuality, difficulty in managing unconscious intentions and your own personal power. It may also be related to unconscious phobias, fear of the unknown, demonization of the reality. It may have derived from bans, prohibitions, social constraints, behavioral conditioning, socio-cultural indoctrination or from limitation and disillusionment.

Chiron in the Tenth House Your Wound represents an obstacle for the King, for his process of self-fulfillment, exposure, for the manifestation of your talent and it may have been caused by not have been seen, considered, valued, encouraged, recognized for your talents or because you might have had too many responsibilities.

Brings healing through active community, innovation, celebrating diversity, and pushing the envelope. Brings healing through compassion, helping others, inspiration, and imagination. Need a place to start? It can be as simple as acknowledging your fears — where you are constantly struggling in life. When you get past the filter of your mind, the real healing can begin.

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  8. Here are five ways you can start the Chiron journey. Chiron was different. He was too gentle and cultured for a centaur, yet not quite a god. He was a Titan, abandoned by his parents, and raised by a god. In what ways do you believe you are different from others?

    How do you deal with your difference? Do you overcompensate for it? Do you ignore it entirely? Do you embrace it? As human beings, we all want to belong. We all want to feel accepted.

    Chiron Signs in the Birth Chart

    And when our differences stand in the way of that, we can feel like those aspects of ourselves need to be changed to fit our ideal mold. But that difference will always remain. That difference is what makes you unique. And ironically enough, that difference is what will help you find where you belong. Embrace your individuality in all its imperfections, and find that medicine your soul is starved for.

    Chiron in Astrology – The Star Throne

    What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid of it? Where is your wound? Sometimes the thing we fear most is ourselves. Our true nature. Sometimes our fears manifest in our insecurities. That fear leads us to overcompensate for our alleged misfortunes. When you face your fears, you not only start healing yourself, you also open up your heart just a little more. You will find your passion through unexpected avenues. The astrological symbol for Chiron is the key. The key to our desires exists within us — everything we need, all the tools we need, already exist within us.

    We only need to use our inherent power to open the right doors — to look within the light, the dark, and the wounded parts of our being to expose and mend what needs to be healed. Be the key.

    From Apollo he learned ethics, philosophy, maths, music, reason, logic and medicine; all that is redeeming about civilisation. From Artemis, the huntress, he learned the way of the forest, including the use of herbs. Maya White. Sabian Symbols Once you have studied mainstream astrology, it is very insightful to look at the Sabian Symbols of your chart. Follow these clear and easy instructions Enter the debate, share your wisdom and questions. Here we feature planetary ingresses including transits of outer planets, trying to read the news for clues to what they might mean for us A lot of the text on this site comes from books that can be downloaded as a free pdf.

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    Chiron in Astrology – Turning Wounds into Medicine

    The Wounded Healer. Find your Sabian Degrees. Planet Signs To look at the positions of your other planets Planets in Signs.