Libra love horoscope march 19

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Unexpected shake-ups come to your relationships early this month, but plenty of invitations to celebrate will also come your way, as will loads of creative inspiration. Mercury retrograde begins in Pisces on March 5, which will be frustrating for your schedule due to miscommunications and delays. Watch out for traffic!

Things will be tricky in your day job, and a personal routine you've been sticking to may get disrupted.

Libra Love Horoscope 12222

Think back to May through November of —situations and developments that began then will come up again now. A new dynamic is needed.

Unexpected shifts around taxes, debts, or even inheritances may come up. A new gig, project, or routine will enter your life thanks to the new moon in Pisces, and a healing energy is in the air with the sun meeting Neptune. Be gentle with yourself, Libra!

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  4. The sun connects with Saturn on March 9, creating a grounding energy, especially at home and with your family. Action planet Mars connects with creative Neptune on March 10, helping you work through issues, projects, or emotions that you were previously overwhelmed by—this is a lovely time to enlist the help of a friend, if you need it!

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    During Pisces Season the lessons of unconditional love and acceptance is the primary theme for all zodiac signs. But when you love others with yoru whole heart unconditionally for far too long it can become a form of martydom. There comes a time to pull back a bit and care about things that are deeply personal. When the Sun moves into Aries it encourages lessons involving personal ambitions, self-love, and even being a bit focused on your own personal development and growth, not just for today but for the purpose of your lasting and living legacy.


    Today's Saturn in Capricorn joins up with Pluto the planet of deep transformation and this can reveal what areas of work you need to do. This isn't a time where you have to announce or expose your fatal flaws to others. Instead, it's your turn to review and analyze yourself and determine what you need to work on, most likely in private. Motivation runs strong for the sake of love and all things involving comforts and home.

    Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in the zodiac sign of Taurus. There's a determination to drive hard and do things the right way. No lectures from outsiders are needed, unless you want them.

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    When Mars works in harmony with Saturn in Capricorn, the energy to change is strong and sure. This is a positive kick off for Aries season, tomorrow. You can be stubborn, and dislike being told what to do, your reactions to advice and suggestions by people you love, or that are in love with you will provoke an emotional reaction.

    Listen to your instincts, especially with others who have your heart.

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